Thread: Blinds or tint?
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Originally Posted by CKau View Post
Just wondering if the rear blinds and rear side blinds are worth it? Do the rear blinds come from the roof liner or from the boot?

Would a window tint be a more cost effective alternative? Is there such a thing as factory tint?(i didnt see it, but might not have found the information)

I am coming from a hatch and just realised that the 328 sedan shape might expose rear passengers more to the overhead hot sun in summer.

Interested in your thoughts while i can still adjust my order.
Lol, are you really that concerned about the heat your rear passengers may or may not feel during the summer months. "Crack your GD(naughty word) window and stop complaining." That's what my response would be to anyone not sitting in my drivers seat. Ha, just sayin man...tint works just fine