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Originally Posted by DarkTrigger View Post
I did. Left my car at the dealership on Wednesday. They gave it back to me saying their software was not up to date since they just got the new software CD on Monday. They do the system upgrades over the weekend so I have to bring it back again on wednesday next week. They had the gall to blame it on me, saying my car was too new!!

I tried to get them to do it when my car came in but they said it cannot be done when you take delivery!

Maybe it's just my dealership. I should probably shop around.
Oh, well, they are RIGHT! lol. Mine was down for almost a week because the programming turned into a caused multiple faults, messed up the computer, and they had get all this NEW software... took forever... and it was because the car was too NEW. So, they are telling you the truth this time! My dealer is just the best... for my inconvenience, they gave me the M Performance Exhaust and put on the black grills for me, no charge. (I only bought the grills). So even though no new car for 8 days, in the end I was one happy camper. For those of you with recently delivered cars, FYI on the software... make sure they are READY on their end before you leave your car!
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