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Originally Posted by BavarianFanatic View Post
Hardcore winter snow/ice tires have a very soft compound with very flexible tread blocks. Under acceleration on dry surfaces the tires will literally "wind up" making the DSC thing they're slipping. In essence, they ARE, but it's the tire carcass in relation to the tread blocks, not the tread in relation to the road.

A simple anology, picture a huge draggster tire with tall, soft sidewalls. When a car launches the sidewall actually wrinkles because it has such a good grip on the track. It's essentially the same thing. The "performance" winter tires that BMW recommends don't have treadblocks that are as soft, so you won't see the same issues.

I personally would run similar tire pressures at all four corners with a soft snow/ice tire. They're not built for performance. They're built for gripping slick surfaces.
good visual.

yea well i had the car at the dealer and they didnt see any errors on the computer.

I assume the sensitivity of DSC in the XD in particual may be too fine tuned for these very soft Michelin Alpin Tires.

The road surface of the HGWY is not the issue i dont think, most likely the rate of speed and tire expansion as mentioned.

Dissapointing because my plan was to remove runflats on my stock 19 inch wheel, replace with regular winter tires on the same wheels...then in the summer acquire aftermarket rims again with non runflats. now i dont know what to anymore. how will the computer react when eventually lowering the car and new rims and other mods god dammit?

monday i go take off the michelins and replace with stock summers untill the bmw pirelli runflat winters in 19 inch are in. we ll see what happens.