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Originally Posted by roadcarver View Post
Exactly. Also, people need to realize that a car with a large amount of highway miles is in many cases suffering from less wear than a car with much lower mileage that has all city miles. I think cars need a time meter like a tractor to go along with the odometer to give us a more complete story behind the cars usage.
Totally agree, I'd have posted a similar comment, if I'd made my post longer and more detailed.

There are many users in the UK who will choose the high mileage used cars, because they have been driven over distance. Cars used in cities and urban environments, with all the wear and tear that goes with stop-start, cold starts, etc., are often the really worn out motors, even with reasonable mileage.

Trade-in will of course reflect mileage, because the perception to many used car buyers... a car is worn out with mileage. Many just don't question the way a car is used.

I've bought into the high mileage used car. Bought one at 21 month old, with 42k miles. Car was like new, had been used to commute on the motorway, driver lived a couples of miles from the motorway and worked a couple of miles from it, the other end of the trip. So was driver only, rear of the car had never been used, neither had the trunk.