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Originally Posted by BavarianFanatic View Post
The ED packet I received from BMWNA specifically addressed the fueling issue citing codes. The other issue is with shipping. On the off chance someone picks the car up and them immediately drops it off, they'd have to deal with removing fuel from the tank prior to loading.
Not trying to be argumentative, but I still disagree with the one solution fits all approach. Here's some simple solutions for BMWAG

1) Ask the customer if they are planning to drive the car after delivery and handle fuel accordingly based on their reply.

2) For customers who will drive in Europe, fill up car as they leave Welt. Have a runner/porter take the car for fuel just before customer departure.

Now, what happens for someone who drives around Europe and returns the car to the shipping port/carrier with too much fuel? I suspect it happens all the time and they do what they have to do. At $8/gallon I doubt the port staff would complain if they had to siphon some fuel and put into their own cars.