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Originally Posted by john08135i View Post
So one of my local radio stations it always shows the same RDS tag..

I remember someone else saying this in another post.. is this coded from the factory hard set or by dealer?
It "always" says BLOW JOB because you a) have RDS on and b) stored this as a preset. You must have stored the option at the exact moment Pink was, ahem, deciding what to do.

Hit options, turn off RDS and you'll see the frequency re-appear. Store that in the preset. Your split screen in this shot is set to show "entertainment details" and indicates that WXXL is broadcasting in HD. That obviates the need for RDS -- which is the legacy analog method of sending artist and track data to receivers. HD stations almost always transmit artist/track data. But HD information is not RDS.

This drove me crazy until I realized I didn't need RDS on to see artist/track data in entertainment details for HD stations.

Remember: HD radio doesn't stand for "high-definition" radio. It means "hybrid" radio. In this case, there are two sources of text info because old RDS receivers need the analog text system to display anything at all.
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