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Originally Posted by Jackson743 View Post
Can't you just call **********s and replace the one bent wheel?
That's the rub...I know one is bent because I can see it, I presume at least one other is also bent, maybe all- no matter what I do, I will have to take them all in to a tire shop to figure out which ones are bent and then either pay 80-100 USD to repair each bent wheel, or replace the bent one(s) for 200ish each, then pay to have the tires re-mounted and balanced. Almost seems easier to just order a new set of wheels, swap out the tires and sell the old wheels to someone else to deal with straightening them (full disclosure, of course).

I'm not going to worry about it until spring time since I will be riding on the factory M-Sport 18s with winter tires now-- I'll figure it out in March. Maybe I will fall in love with another wheel by then. (Not likely, I really love that wheel design).