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This thread had rather quickly deteriorated into embarrassing garbage. I'm glad it's been cleaned up. The myopic megalomania spewed in some of the now-deleted posts are representative of a small minority of BMW owners that give other owners a bad name (though of course this is not unique to BMW).

I'm very new to this forum, so my feedback carries much less weight, but I'm still hoping for better. Much of what I had read previously had been generally good discussion; informative and helpful. I'm hoping things head back in that direction.

And on that note, I'll reiterate what I stated earlier - the 335i is marketed to those that want more power. And that's hardly a bad thing. Wish I had it.

It was mentioned earlier in this thread that the 328i could be tuned rather inexpensively to achieve similar power levels. That's very true, but if one is willing to tune, one could just as easily tune the 335i to higher power levels as well, so that point is moot.

Unlike the richie-rich that posted previously, I don't mind admitting that I can't afford a 335i, so I bought what I could afford. The tuning option is an interesting one, provided it doesn't roast my engine along with my warranty. Why no PPK for the little engine, BMW?

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