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Maximum Seat Height Issue

I went for a test-drive yesterday. I'm 5' 8" - Even with the seat adjusted all the way up, it still felt uncomfortably low as I like a relatively high driving position. (My soon to be gone C300 4MATIC Sport had awesome height travel.)

I felt my problem was a bit aggravated by the F30's bulging hood line.

I think even an extra inch upward would have been perfect for me.

[Interestingly, I have seen discussions about certain BMW models' seats actually being too high (even in the lowest setting).]

What I have not seen is the opposite. In other words, whether it would be possible to "unbolt" the driver's seat, add a "lift" and bolt it back, thereby gaining the additional height.

When you guys look at where the seat is bolted, does it look as if the metal "rails" upon which the seat (and its motorized mechanisms) rests is uncomplicatedly bolted to the floor, so as to permit that kind of modification relatively without much fuss? Or does it look too elaborate and complicated of a project? (Please don't suggest an a** pillow. )


(P/S - nothing to do with sport v. non-sport seats - same height on both).