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Originally Posted by vern View Post
I had the same problem as you,since May when I got the 2012 F30 Sport I always felt like I was sitting in a hole with the set height all the way up. My 2010 535i was the perfect hight adjustment, I could see over the hood .
The other day I got back to try and adjust the hight on the F30 so I could see over the hood like on the 535. I don't know what happen when I kept fooling around with the knobs but now the seat is just the way it was in the 535, high enough to see over the hood and I'm really enjoying the ride much more than before. I'm 5'10. Good luck with yours. Don't give up.
My wife is pretty short (5'1") and we also had to play with the seat buttons a lot to get the seat high enough for her. It seems to take a combination of height and tilt. Just keep trying and the seat should get high enough for you.