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I'm trying to figure out the tail lights...

Usually BMW tail lights have one part on the rear fender side and one on the trunk lid, the part on the fender being thicker and ending higher up, but the 2 parts usually being clearly separated at sharp angles on each side of the trunk lid edge which cuts the tail lights into 2.

Scott26's sketch seems to confirm this traditional tail light design:

Strangely enough it seems as though the 2 parts of the prototype's taillights blend/merge into each other instead of stopping at a sharp angle on each side of the trunk lid edge:

I wonder if it's only some delusional camo undernearh the black tarp or if the 4er tail lights indeed do not have this traditional design and, instead, are closer to the X6 flowing/no sharp angles tail lights design (much less common):

But then it wouldn't be consistent with Scott26's sketch...

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