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Originally Posted by EB_F30 View Post
Hmm, thanks for the info. I sent a email to my sales guy here to see what he says. Sounds like a cool options and if I'm already paying for it, I'd like the newest version.

Any ideas if you don't get it now it can be upgraded via software in the future?
After seeing/using the new system, and having the old one in my 135i, I'd say it's worth waiting for. Ask your dealer to contact BMW themselves (presumably BMWNA?) as they're the ones who will know.

It's not just a software update, it has a new processor and GPU etc., so I wouldn't think it would be available as a software update, though you may be able to get some of the new features with a software update, if the new graphics etc. can run ok on the old system. A hardware update would probably be possible at some point, but I'd think it would be very expensive!