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Originally Posted by westcory View Post
I know the tire size is 225 45 18 but could you get away with 225 40 18's? I can find very little winter tire selection in the stock size.
Your profile says Seattle and I know there is not too much snow there unless you are driving to areas where there is more snow/ice? I would stick to a winter PERFORMANCE tire as I did. Even here in CT we get far more snow than you do but the roads are dry 95% of the time.

There are numerous Winter Performance options available for the standard size. On Tirerack alone you have the Bridgestone LM60's as suggested by the other poster above, the Michelin Alpin's, and the Pirelli Sottozero II's. I went with the Pirelli's and they are perfect... excellent performance on dry... little noticeable difference from the stock 19" Potenza summer performance tires. I have not had to use them in the snow yet but I got these because they had better dry performance ratings than the Blizzaks, and better snow/ice ratings than the Alpin PA3's, based on recommendations from others. Since the roads are mostly dry here, the Sotozeros won out. Any of these three will be excellent as all have been reviewed positively.

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