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Originally Posted by MaestroAl View Post
I do moderate a forum this big And I, nor any of my associates, would never, ever, ever delete posts without leaving a note. It's just plain rude. If it's a single post that's bent the rules, I would either leave a note in the thread or PM them directly. if it's an entire thread cleanup then a note always gets left in the cleaned thread. It's not hard, it's not a big deal and it's called manners
I would mostly agree with this. I don't know if I consider it rude, but I've found that mods for many fora (or forums if you prefer) will leave a note stating that posts violating such and such have been removed and/or user(s) have been banned, with a reminder / warning with respect to the terms of use. It helps provide more clarity for the members.

Originally Posted by Jamesons Viggen View Post
It has been mentioned one will be offered for the N20.
That's great news! As with the big brother, I'm sure the gains will probably be half that of the tuners (and the price probably double), but to keep my warranty intact for now has some value for me.