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Originally Posted by jsedlak View Post
While we're at it, just use the name "M1" to mean the M version of the 1 series.
I can't see this happening after the fuss they put up the first time around. I think they want to preserve the legacy of the original M1, at least for now. It does add confusion, particularly for the younger generation that has no idea about the M1.

Having said that, the iconic M3 coupe that I've lusted after for decades will no longer be. So much for that tradition.

What confuses me about the direction they've gone in their naming scheme is that it seems bigger cars get higher numbers, except when they're from the same platform... To me it would have been more intuitive for the customer had they given the sedans and touring editions the larger number, and the coupes from the same platform would have the smaller number.

oh well, not really a deal breaker.

Originally Posted by ACCELCAR View Post
The reason to call it a 4 series is so that BMW can charge more money for it. Audi did the same thing by calling the Audi A4 coupe an A5.
This seems to more accurately represent the naming scheme.