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Originally Posted by BarryK View Post
Who's your dealer?? I'm in SoCal as well - got my 335 in Santa Ana (not sure if we're supposed to mention dealer names, but I think you can figure it out ). Anyway, they were willing to reprogram it whenever I wanted - only problem is (as has been stated many times) it takes a day or 2. Not sure why, but any time they have to touch the computer, it's at least 1-2 days - wierd.

So I took it back a couple weeks after I picked it up & they took care of it - stays off now. They also fixed my hood release - wouldn't open...

All's well - enjoying the car. I second what others have said - just reference the service bulletin & tell them to take care of it!!
I have have 2 appointments set up, one for Santa Ana on Monday and one for Long Beach on Wednesday. I'm going to give my LB dealer one last try, if they mess it up, I'm going to go to Santa Ana from now on. After all they're the biggest dealer in socal. My dealer told me it takes 4 hrs, but they like to keep it for the whole day. I'll let you know how long it really takes, some people have been saying 30 mins, others a day+....