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Originally Posted by SCOTT26 View Post
The 2er will inherit the M2 badge as the replacement for the 1M Coupe.

The 1er will inherit a FWD Sedan variant off of the new UKL architecture but there is also going to be the sportier BMW 2er Gran Coupe which is RWD with optional xDrive.

The reason for the FWD BMW sedan is to share with an incoming MINI sedan which having seen the example the board are ultimately very impressed by, is possibly the best interpretation of a MINI variant in design so far.
The look is very impressive with a Paceman like rear , The glasshouse is constant and the roofline at the rear is very oval over the rear screen. The front of the car utilises a sort of bullet like headlights set far into the body quite like the MINI Crossover Concept from 2008.

Given demand for four door compact sedans the MINI sedan could even take over from the MINI Countryman as the best selling MINI model globally.

The BMW entry Sedan will be based off of the upcoming "Urbanic" City 1er 3dr and 5dr using the design language of the Active Tourer.
There is still going to be a 4-door RWD 2-Series though correct?