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Originally Posted by Honker
Our old E90 328 xdrive had the heated seats and they would be toasty warm after about 1 minute. I always thought that those seat warmers were the quickest I have every experienced. I assumed it was a BMW thing.

The new 2013 335 xdrive has heated seats too. These take about 4-5 minutes to feel toasty warm.

What is everyone else's experience with the seat heaters in the F30. Is this the new standard or is it possible that there is an issue with mine?

I realize that life must be rough if I am inquiring about seat heaters but am just trying to determine if there is an issue or not. If it matters, the E90 had leatherette and the F30 has leather.
I think the temperature of the seat surface greatly influences the amount of time the seats heat up.

If they are really cold then it heats up right quick. If the seats are not too cold then it takes longer.

Blame this on our Nanny State.

BMW had a problem once where the 7 series seat heaters would catch fire.

So, now. BMW is doubly cautious.

Look, I went out to buy an electric heating pad. OMG!!! The piece of crap has so many safety features it is useless. First, it only stays on hot for 15 minutes. Next, you can't reset it (turn it back on) more than 5 times without unplugging it.

What a joke.