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South Africa

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The security may be a bit overdone ( two dogs as well) but it is better to have than not. SA has is known for high level of Violent Crimes which is more of the concern than theft.

@Antbabee and Mac the CF spoiler was about $750 fitted. it is released but I believe there is a serious back log from Germany. Waited 2months for mine. My dealer eventually got it from another dealer.

@ Derek, yes it had the standard 10mm drop which I felt was still two high, the ACS lowering kit droped it a further 12mm according to the spec sheet I received after fitment. The ACS suspensension would lower normal suspension by 20mm so I have been told. I also prefer the look of the 18" wheels, only downside is that they are not 19". 19" wheels sit much better

@Mac and Derek it is a CF spoiler I will take a close up later in the week. I am going for the red/black contrasting look. so I am going to keep it CF

@ Rossi our country has lovely weather this year was the 1st time in 22 years (and only for a day) that it snowed in JHB during winter
what a car