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Originally Posted by jk3355 View Post
-With November 1st passing, are we all to assume there will not be a new Navigation I drive in the 2013 335i?

-With the LCI 535i coming out in 2014, does this sort of confirm maybe a new engine and updated Nav will be introduced with the new 2014 4 series coupe? Either March or September for a 14 launch?

- If you had the chance to order a 2013 now, does anyone think its wiser to wait for March changes or bite the bullet for a Feb delivery now?

- Do you think lines will disappear or are here to stay ie sportline with red stitching?

I'm hesitant to order based on the following. I was one of the stronghold waiting for the November Nav. I can now confirm those that got the 13 early were wise as I waited and it seems like it was slightly in vein. BMW has taught me that even though I might be ahead of the curve on their updates via the web, we can get fooled every now and again. I lost a summer of sporty driving. Life is too short to wait for inevitable changes.
You have a few misconceptions/misinformation.

First, we don't know for certain that US-cars don't have the new Nav, because no one has taken delivery (yet) of a post November build.

Second, it is unlikely that the F30 will see a model year change in March. Since MY2012 was so short (Feb->June), it is more likely that MY2013 will last a full calendar year, i.e. July 2012-June 2013. This would allow for the F32 coupe to be introduced with July production (we know it won't come earlier, because E92/E93 production runs until then). With both F30 and F32 beginning MY2014 with July production, they would be "in sync" going forward for production changes, etc.
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