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2013 BMW 328i m-sport EB finally received :)

My boring story about love for bmw's : As far as I can remember I loved bmw's. Other kids would have posters of singers, celebrities while I had bmw posters everywhere. Two years before I actually could get my licence I decided that it will be e46 325i. I switched my high school to online classes and started working and saving. Month before I got my licence the car was already in the driveway. My dream came true. E46 2002 BMW 325i with 55k miles. I drove it for about a year and a half, did about 40 000 miles on it, loved every part of it. Since it was payed off I was happy and didnt plan on selling it, but my friend got brand new c350 and was always teasing me.

So I got rid of it and found myself certified pre-owned E90 2006 BMW 325i with 51000 miles. I could not do better. It was better in every way. It came almost fully loaded and it felt a lot better than the E46. I have had it for two and a half beautiful years, did 60 000 miles on it and loved it every moment. The car was amazing! I can safely tell that it saved my life so many times. I mean if I was in the same situations with different cars it would have been different. I know it was just little 3-series, but for me it was the best car in the world! I would not change it for anything. Weirdly, right after I passed 100k miles ( certified warranty endpoint) I had a lot of expenses with it. Not that it wasn't normal for 100k miles car but i figured it is stupid to invest money in the old car if I can finance or lease new one for a little more and have no stress. So I was looking for cars, but couldnt find anything that would be friendly to me as fas as what you get for the money. One day I was driving 80 miles trip really hard ( my average consumption was 14 so go figure haha - thats what I didnt like about the car) and few miles before the destination I got in limp mode all of the sudden. Shortly transmission needed new mechatronics so I had to sunk almost 5k in it.

Then I said, okay I am going to keep it and totalled it 2 days after it I had to find me new car fast to go to work and school. I had F30 loaner when they did my transmission and did around 1000 miles ( I tested this car to its limits, maybe a little over limit few times ) in it so when I crashed I knew what I am going to get for sure. I called few dealerships and then decided to go with South Motors BMW in Miami. Even though I live 200 miles from Miami and we have plenty of dealers here, It has been symbolic for me to get car from there because my 2 previous cars were from there as well as 2 cars of my ex. What can I say , I love Miami Anybody looking for car, Jean Pierre at South Motors is great!!! Price was the factor for me so When I was ordering car, i set only 2 minimal requirements. Xenons and m-sport. I think it is unforgettable to dont have xenons on 40k dollar cars. I had to have M-sport, because of the way it looks. I LOVE IT! I always liked black color but this time I did a little experiment and went with Estoril Blue and I couldnt do better. I get 10s of compliments every day on the color. ( Not that I care, I dont buy bmw to show off, IT IS MY LOVE, but its still nice if people compliment ) I was getting SA ordered car which turned out to be nightmare, but Jean Pierre at South Motors found me exact same car with 2 extra options made in Germany for the same price month earlier Thats my story, I enhoy car so much and cant wait few more years until I can afford my dreamcar M3

Theres couple of things, about F30 I like and I dont like:

I like how smooth it is, especially transmission, I like the extra storage space on the left side of steering wheel, I like how trunk opens by itself, I like the extra space in the doors, and the fact cup holder could be hidden with a cover. Antracit headliner is really good for smokers so it dont get as nasty. I hate auto stop feature, will get it programmed soon. I hate how hard it is to close trunk and doors, u almost have to smash them. Last, I always feel like e90 was tighter on the road. Maybe I just miss the steering wheel feel in e90. Gas mileage went from 14-15mpg from 90 to 19-20mpg on f30 I just finished my first 1000 miles , so we ll see I might add more things in future. As far as mods I put painted reflectors, m performance grill, going to hardwire escort, and might do m performance exhaust.

Here I am attaching few pictures

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