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Originally Posted by SamS View Post
You have a few misconceptions/misinformation.

First, we don't know for certain that US-cars don't have the new Nav, because no one has taken delivery (yet) of a post November build.

Second, it is unlikely that the F30 will see a model year change in March. Since MY2012 was so short (Feb->June), it is more likely that MY2013 will last a full calendar year, i.e. July 2012-June 2013. This would allow for the F32 coupe to be introduced with July production (we know it won't come earlier, because E92/E93 production runs until then). With both F30 and F32 beginning MY2014 with July production, they would be "in sync" going forward for production changes, etc.
Thanks for those update. You are right... I am out of the loop... wouldn't it be something if the Nov 1 build had the new Nav... I'd bite right now. Maybe a European delivery could confirm this?

What kills me is people on the forum explain the change is well worth the wait. But its just a small piece of the whole experience. I kind of wish tech wasn't out of date so fast on cars. But its a fact of life.