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Originally Posted by bringonthenite View Post
I stopped my order in July when I heard about the new hardware & Navi. The dealer kept my order and when the 355i Xdrive came in earlier than anticipated, my CA called to see if I wanted to look at it. I loved it, drove it and wanted it even more BUT the sale for my car had moved on so I was left with a dealer trade in and that was significantly lower. In the end I said no.
With winter coming, I decided I rather wait till spring. Just put the winter tires on today. No regrets at all as the weather becomes cooler. I only missed a month or so of wet driving. ;-)
My lesson learned is we can wait forever for new tech to be adopted in our vehicles. Buy when you want. Personally, I don't want to buy new car going into winter.
I live in New England where its our job to salt and sand roads at the drop of snow fall. Its a shame but a fact of life here. Cars get filthy and pitted on our highways. I am in your camp but realize maybe a few scratches is worth the feel of driving a new state of the art F30!