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Originally Posted by nickstin View Post
Like rossifumi said earlier on the thread, you can have your camber adjusted. Or, run smaller width tires if you don't mind the stretch look. Wheels look good. Check those options.
Is the rear sticking out around 1 inch? if you give it a moderate drop, say a 1.5inch drop, the natural camber will kick it and start tucking in.

I think the F30 can run 10.5+22 in the rear with a 245/35 tire if you want to slam it but that's just my opinion. I've always run aggressive setups and slammed my cars but the f30 is too nice to do that to haha.

If i were you, i'd consider 2 options.

1. lower the car that gives a +1.5" drop in the rear ($500 installed for springs if you don't want to install them yourself)

2. run either 275/25/20 in the rear of if you want to keep your side profile at 30, 265/30/20. the 265/30/20 will give it a slightly stretched look with the lip starting to come out from the tire a little.