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Not sure why anyone would spend $50,000 on a sports sedan and then throw 200 pounds in the trunk for traction? Not sure if you are driving a 335 or 328 but in my 2006 rear wheel drive 330i with only 260 horsepower I would get wheel spin all the time on hard acceleration from a stop in Vancouver's heavy rain and in hilly terrain. The only time I ever experienced wheel spin in my 2008 335xi was on ice and that was only briefly before all 4 tires hooked up.....

Some people in rainy and warm Vancouver prefer winter tires an rear wheel drive but in the last 3 years in Vancouver the Winter has averaged about 40 to 50 degrees farenheit with 2 days of snow.......In Vancouver I find all wheel drive with 300 horsepower much less of a sacrifice than rear wheel drive with winter tires when it is 50 degrees out and raining!