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Did you try resetting your FTM?

If not, go through the iDrive and under vehicle status there is an icon with 'init' on it. Follow the prompts and this will reset the FTM. Make sure you pressures are set to the placard in the drivers door sill.

If you got your tires changed at an outside shop, they may not have re-initialized the FTM. This is crucial because when you change tires, you change the diameter, which changes the speed the wheels rotate in relation to one another. The DSC module takes input from wheel speed sensors, and if there is a difference, it can cause intervene falsely.

I actually tested this on a 1M last week when switching to winters. They are fast, but not enough to spin a set of Pilot Alpines in 4th gear at 100km/h in dry.

To answer previous questions, you can run non run-flats on a BMW. They are not only designed for run flats. As long as the FTM is initialized and learns the tires, it will be fine.

- Sam