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Originally Posted by 1lyfe View Post
you just wont be able to reset the oil change interval programed into the car.
for example if your car says at 20 000kms you need an oil change and you change it at 15 000kms, when you hit 20 000kms the computer will still put out a warning light saying you need an oil change.

you need to get someone to code the light away or i think the secret menu can reset oil change intervals (not eben sure if f30s have them, im still waiting for mine to come in).
F30's need to be connected to an ISID (BMW diagnostics) to reset the CBS.

Originally Posted by CKau View Post
As i am waiting for delivery of my f30 i want to know if the oil filter is easy to replace? Anyone know where it is located?

Is it a widely available design or a newer / proprietary one?
It is right on top of the engine on the driver side. The dealer sells them, not too expensive.