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Originally Posted by g2g8969
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hi everyone, i need you guys help to reduce the price, i think my price little higher.

i ordered my 335 xi without any security deposit, since my fd knows the CA. when i ordered car, the ca did not ask any security deposit. the msrp 56.5k in oct.

12k/36 months for 660 monthly payment, 3633.29 including first payment and tax

now, the ca give me a newer price for 12k/39 months

monthly 630. sign 3767 first payment and 8.875% tax

the ca said my car will be ready in sometimes this week, so when i pick up the car, how can i negotite the price?

i should talk the price down and use incentives (holiday credit 1000 and loyalt 750?), this is my first time to lease (never lease before) a bmw, so i do not know how can i make the price down..

I noticed you were only naming monthly payments and due at signing
What was your negotiated selling price? As a rule of thumb, always get the selling price before incentives (holiday crecit and loyalty) then figure out the monthly payment from there since it's just plug and play
Thx, I do not know the sell price yet, I have not talked with the ca. The first I went to bmw , the ca was my friend's friend. So he just checked my credit, then order car for me, later notice me the price as monthly payment and sign in oct. then today he email me the new price as given as monthly and sigh. I will try to get the price down when I pick up the car,.

Also I am the first time to lease bmw , will I be able to get loyalty credit? Thank you