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Parking Assistant - FAIL

So today I was showing someone how the car parks itself in a HUGE spot. The spot was great opportunity since it was very wide and long and most any idiot could have parked in it. PA found the spot backed up and cut the first corner just fine but failed to cut the last turn and basically, before I could get my foot firmly on the break it backed into a post and two beam wooden fence that just sat on the other side of a ~6" wide curb.

Damage: (1) nice scrape on the corner of the pass rear bumper and also (2) a small scape on the lower corner of the taillight and (3) the corner of the body panel where the three meet. Looks like the bumper needs to be realigned (very slightly) and repainted.. The body panel is just the corner, but that needs to be painted too. Not sure how much it's going to be, but definitely at least $1300.

I only got this option for my girlfriend, figured $500 was a cheap option and could help her parallel park if needed while driving my car. I even tested it when I picked up the car at the dealer. Now it's going to cost me a bit more to repaint it and I don't think I could trust it enough to have my g/f use it.

Picked the car up 45 days ago with 3700 miles.
Moral of the story - Park the damn car yourself.

Anyone know a good body shop in the CA Tri-valley area?