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Originally Posted by movietub View Post
Good news - do nothing!

I'm on my 3rd high pressure diesel car now (to be fair first BMW), never even thought about the first one until several hundred miles of driving and someone else pointed out I wasn't treating it like a new car... it was fine. And stayed fine for two years when it was swapped. So treated the next 2 the same way. There is a pretty big clue in that I can't remember the last time I heard anyone buying any new car to run it in, or how.

Somewhere on here a mechanic gave full breakdown of why it doesn't matter these days - I can't remember the techie stuff but it all boiled down to manufacturing processes being so accurate now that there is nothing really to 'wear in'.

Conversely, if you drive any modern engine gently for any extended period you will start to see a drop in performance that is only reclaimed by a much greater period of high rev, sporty driving or lots of well prescribed engine cleaning additives. So really, it's best just to drive the car in the spirit it was conceived. In the case of the 320d, that spirit is surely a mix of low rev cruising and punchy red-line blasts on quieter roads
Sorry but you are not the right one to tell him itīs ok he can drive it how he wants, NOTHING will show after only two years. You donīt know for how long heīs gonna keep it so you really should think further before answering.

To the OP, yassou!
Follow your manual. It tells you everything you need to know. Bascially you shouldnīt rev it over a certain limit, no idea what that limit is for the diesel, but donīt drive it like an old lady either. Donīt stay on konstant revs for too long, drive dynamically. ALWAYS let the oil get warm before u drive it harder. And if you plan to keep it for a long time it wouldnt hurt changing the oil after the initial break in (~2000 km). A lot of metal shaving in it that u can do without.
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