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Wow, called Sainsbury's again today (to ask for a refund of the 26.50 cancellation fee and my proof of NCD letter back) and was met with the old "we'll say anything so long as it makes us sound right and gets you off the phone" tactic (aka bullsh!t).

I actually went and had a look at the table they use for what models of 2012-onwards 328 you can insure, and to anyone who knows their F30/F31's it's clearly WRONG. Firstly the Luxury saloon isn't even listed although all the other models of 328 are. Secondly, they list the 328i Sport (as well as the M Sport) as being available. So I challenged them and this is what they said....

The Luxury model is a LIMITED EDITION model, that's why it's not listed. Yeah?? In that case anyone who wants one better rush out and get one quick cos they won't be around forever. Oh and better let BMW know as well

The 328i Sport is listed (alongside the M Sport) because that's for people who import them. WTF?? Why didn't I think of that, order a 328i Sport from somewhere outside the UK then go to all the hassle of importing it because as it happens, insuring the thing with Sainsbury's would actually be cheaper than insuring a UK spec 328i Luxury!

When I dared to suggest that just maybe they'd made a mistake and had listed the Luxury saloon as a Sport saloon I was told that their tables are updated regularly and can't possibly be wrong. I'll leave you to decide...
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