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Originally Posted by HighlandPete View Post
Agree, but that is where it really does go pear shaped when conditions deteriorate. Watching the antics in snow on the TV for the past few winters, really shows most drivers have no idea of how a car works, let alone how to modulate the controls for poor conditions.

Even tyre condition is in question. Was speaking with a friend the other day, who I'd give a bit of credit for understanding the basics of motoring. Happened to mention about tyre tread depth, and driving the winter months. He hadn't ever thought that having decent tread depth through the winter months was a factor in safer motoring. How many drivers feel all is fine, as long as they have tyres with a legal minimum tread depth?

It is a factor that scares me if I'm on the motorway, the cars around on that wet day, driving the same high speeds in heavy weather and standing water, as they would on a warm dry day. How many give consideration to how the car would brake in an emergency? Concerns me knowing some will have tyres down to the legal limit and some with even less tread across the tyres.

Hard to even define the 'good' driver, when even driving craft skills are compromised by poor vehicle condition.

It is one reason to think a bit more laterally than some of the tests we read on tyre performance. Mostly tested on new srubbed in tyres, give a different picture than in the real world, over the life of the tyre. Many don't even understand the "3mm" advice for tyre safety.

Of more value would be comparisons of part worn tyres, with typical shoulder wear, a mix of tread depths front to rear, wide and narrow tyre sections, and braking in the worst of conditions. Would be harder to interpret the results with understanding, and not so eye-catching in the headlines.

Very true words indeed. I have the ability (through my product) to stop very quickly, but how many behind me can not so sure on that at all.
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