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Originally Posted by CKau View Post
thanks for the diagram. I'm a first time BMW owner to be. For the 328i, does the element "11427640862" have to be removed by unscrewing the cover? (part 11427525334)

Is it the element that needs to be replaced?

On most cars, I'm used to seeing just one big cannister. You remove the entire canister & replace it with a new one and throw away the old oil filter cannister. I've never had to disassemble the cannister itself to change the filter.

Am i reading the diagram correctly?
Remove the cartridge and filter from the filter housing
Pull the filter out of the cartridge
Change the o-rings with the ones supplied
Push the new filter in the same way the old came out
Put a bit of oil on the large black o-ring at the top
Re-install cartridge into Filter housing, torque and voila!