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Originally Posted by Goody4 View Post
A great concern for many of what is written. I'm not sure why that isn't understood.

Who cares how many people have the option, it may be an issue for those with this feature somewhere down the line.

Are you going to skip describing your concerns about your car just because you and 2 other people bought an ActiveHybrid3?
Bad example. This would be akin to non-AH3 owners getting concerned about an AH3-specific situation that may or not be related to driver error. Sure, it might be interesting for non-owners to read about, but would hardly qualify as a "great concern for many".

He shouldn't skip describing his concern. I think that is great, and what these forums are all about. I only took issue with the hyperbolic response by another poster that this was a "great concern" for "many" of us. There can't be more than a handful of people here that even have this feature, i.e. not "many".
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