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Originally Posted by SamS View Post
Bad example. This would be akin to non-AH3 owners getting concerned about an AH3-specific situation that may or not be related to driver error. Sure, it might be interesting for non-owners to read about, but would hardly qualify as a "great concern".

He shouldn't skip describing his concern. I think that is great, and what these forums are all about. I only took issue with the hyperbolic response by another poster that this was a "great concern".
I guess it's no concern if you don't mind running into objects, possibly causing damage to your car (as with the OP) or another car, or--in the extreme--a person.

But, you don't know how many people have this option. In fact, some joker in this thread said it was only option he didn't put on his car. So, we could gather a large number of people didn't skip this option and have loaded up their car with features.