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Originally Posted by SamS View Post
When I was looking to hold out for the new Nav, I did some checking for people doing ED around this time. Never found anyone in particular. Regardless, the first people with PW45+ should be getting their cars mid December, so we'll all know soon enough.

After playing with the new Nav, it's say it's pretty impressive. Worth the wait is a relative term, not for me to decide for anyone else.

I don't "need the computer to tell me where to go", but I do interact with the iDrive on a daily basis. That means for selecting media, etc. And it sure is faster, and nicer visually. For something that I use every time I get in the car, it will be nice to have something new and fast. I was never impressed with the speed of the Nav/iDrive in my '12 M3.
If the cars roll into the dealer in December, I wonder if someone will post here. December is close... i can't believe there isnt an insider that knows for sure...