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Originally Posted by S-Dot View Post
I actually found VSS to have a worse feel. Or more specifically, it had a less natural feeling to me. They felt the same on-center, but moving from on-center to off-center seemed abrupt and not intuitive to me.

Actual feel and feedback was near-identical feeling to me, but I believe they both use virtually the same setup other than different rack gearing.

I agree that there wasn't alot of steering feel difference from non-xDrive to xDrive models until you really pushed things, but once you start sliding tires, the RWD had more luck going where I wanted it to go and how I wanted it to go.

Or maybe I just like on-demand oversteer...
RWD is fun... and sportier. AWD is a superior traction. In the snow belt, it helps gets you going. I won't turn this into a awd vs rwd debate, but being pushed verses pulled with FWD is always better. My understanding is awd uses RWD bias to begin with.