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Originally Posted by KeenDriver View Post
It won't be till thurs or fri until I can get the pictures up. I one to believe that you paid your money and what happens happens as long as it isn't gross negligence. This isn't that case. Sure it was my fault (partly). I was slow at firmly pressing the brake but the damage is more on the side vs the back showing that it turned in but not nearly enough. Now it's just more so whether I go through insurance or out of pocket. It sucks but at least it's really just paint

I'm not sure if this will display properly, but I tried to create a little diagram below. Please let me know if it's accurate. I'm assuming you tried to park in the "Open Parking Space" section.

Did you:

a) Crash into the fence that runs parallel to the curb because the car failed to straighten sufficiently quickly?
b) Crash into an obstacle at the very back of the parking space (indicated as "XXXX" below)?

Assuming the answer is "a:" I believe you mentioned the curb is unusually narrow (just 6" wide?) at this location. Was the car turning enough such that the wheel was not going to hit / scrape the curb, but the curb being so narrow at this location the rear bumper hung out over it and impacted the fence before you could stop?

========================== [FENCE]
--------------------------------------------- [CURB]
[Parked CAR] [Open Parking Space] XXXX [OBSTACLE]

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [White line separating road]