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If they want to build a true true super car, they should build a 2 seater.. Like M-Z8 or M-Z10 or just give it a new special name.
Don't revive the M1 name, and allow usage of name M1 for M version of future 1 series.
I like BMW for having simple numerized models instead of letters that are almost completely random.

8 series should be 2 door, 4 seater. It should be to 7 series what 6 series is to 5 series.
9 series and 10 series should be reserved for future cars like CS that bridge the gap to Rolls.

Thus BMW should either use M-Z8 or M-Z10

Z2 = future compact 2 seater coupe & roadster
Z4 = continue the current Z4
Z6 = successor of Z8, SL competitor
(Following number system of coupes)

Damn Miata for messing up our system and forcing us to call MX5, X5 M