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I was in the same Audi dealer (Zetland) a couple of times recently and both times left me with a desire to never return to that office.

First was when I went with my boss to buy his wife an A1. They didn't want to buy one brand new, but Zetland Audi have an arrangement with EuropeCar where they buy back the rental cars after a year and then resell them. He managed to pick up an A1 at a decent price, but (as a former mechanic) he was quite emphatic in making sure the car had never been in an accident - which Audi ensured him it hadn't.

Once he purchased and picked up the car and got it out of the indoor dealership in to the light, he noticed that the colour on one door was a fraction off from the rest of the car. He called the dealer and once again they assured him the car had never been damaged. When we inspected the door further, we found that an apparent respray of the door had failed to completely cover it as there was a section under the door where the undercoat was still visible.

Once this fact was highlighted to Audi, they offered a $1k discount which they eventually upped to $2k but my boss wasn't having any of it and in the end they took the car back and refunded his money.

My second experience was when I was shopping for my F30 - my wife wanted me to look at other cars so I went to Zetland Audi to look at the A4, A5 & A6. The new car sales reps didn't want to know me (perhaps because of my age and clothing at the time) and kept funneling me over to used cars, despite my insistance that I was interested in and could afford a new Audi. Given that I was looking at a custom build, I suspect they were only interested in moving cars that they had in the dealership.
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