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Help with Comfort Access: 2nd Touch to unlock does not unlock all doors?

I'd really appreciate a confirmation to see whether I have a malfunction in my Comfort Access feature, or whether I am misunderstanding something.

In my Idrive settings, under Door locks-> Unlock Button, I have it set to "Driver's door only".

If when the car is locked, I touch the inner part of the external door handle, the driver's side door unlocks as expected. However, if I touch it again, the other doors do not unlock. I can unlock the other doors by using the button on the center console, or by using the CA on the passenger side door.

Of course, if I set the Idrive setting to unlock "All doors", it works as expected.

However, I'd like to know if other folks are able to use the "Driver's door only" setting, and unlock the driver's door first, and then the other doors with a 2nd touch?

Thanks in advance!