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Originally Posted by Nixide View Post
Looks great! Does it drone at all?
i wasn't in the car but
from what i heard - no.
it's a well mannered tone - i'm sure in the coming weeks it'll break in.

Originally Posted by jsedlak View Post
i feel the same way when Ivan adjust's his junk.

Originally Posted by Red Bread View Post
Holy embarrassingly fake exhaust, Batman!

So that's one tip for each cylinder? Classy.
that's pretty much the whole idea sidekick.
why so serious.

Originally Posted by s1k0ne View Post
was the other opening trimmed/ cut out or is the diffuser a custom made one from LTBMW?
it was trimmed -
there's a technique to trim'n.

Originally Posted by soolman32 View Post
I like the look but would never buy this. Maybe if all 4 tips were functional... too much faking the funk for me.
I hear what you're saying. i believe that 4th tip is a dead tip.
tring to remember - it maybe funnel'n through the 3rd tip.
it's safe to say this is a cosmetic mod with minimal benefits to

if the owner install'd an M3 badge - that would fake the funk, imo.
The stock dual tips need'd an upgrade, having an msport rear,
and the owner decided to go with quads. I give him credit for

Originally Posted by Red Bread View Post
For me it comes down to form over function. If a car has a reason to have split, two path exhaust, like say a v-engine, it makes sense. But when cars that have a single center pipe, like 4 cylinders or I6's, it's just added weight and complexity for style's sake.

I had an M Coupe, with all four stupid exhaust tips. I debated a single sided exhaust, but ultimately didn't care enough to address it. Over stylized exhaust is just a personal pet peeve, if others like it, that's great. It just reminds me of mid-80's GM with six or eight fake exhaust tips on many cars. Of course the recent BMW trend of putting a transverse can with multiple tips on both sides is similarly annoying.
these quads have touch a nerve for you.
I have the same experience but with pony tails - chicks with 2 pony tails
drive me nuts. single pony tails i'm fine with. must of been in my
childhood, waiting in the lunch line, being bullied at age 8.

but seriously
i'm waiting for the 4banger to be really tuned.
Big single turbo upgrade, catless downpipe, single 3" straight pipe with dual 4" tip, and loud on the track.

BMW enthusiasm on all different levels, mods will be done
by influence and comments can contribute to acceptability, personally
preferences should hold to one's own and that's respectable.

comment on guys - i remember the earlier e90 years, this is rehashing
alot of arguments and preferences.
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