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Originally Posted by zibawal View Post
Is Dynno must after installation? My local guy did not do it on my X5?
Would you know who dies dyno in sfo Bay Area?
A dyno is not a must unless you want to see the power increase. I would dyno before install the new DP drive for a couple days so it adapts everything and re-dyno try to do it close to the same temp.

Originally Posted by spideypm View Post
Can anyone tell me what is the advantage of the conventional "remapped ecu" over the piggyback flash and vice versa?? I know right now piggyback seems to be the only option and which brand would be recommended?? Tks!
I would take a remapped ecu any day over a piggyback, i feel its a much safer and better way to go. A piggyback it seems like its fooling the stock ecu to think its running stock but the output of the piggyback adjusts a few sensor to get more power. In the audi/vw world we only did ecu flash's no piggybacks. 1 advantage i see with the piggyback is you can remove it and go to the dealer on a stock ecu.
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