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Funny how different dealers have such a varying level of service.

I was looking at the A4, but knowing the facelift was coming wasn't considering the older model. I rang them up in Feb asking when it was coming, and the sales rep, emailed a follow up every month, saying that they haven't got it in yet, and keeping touch. When he did get it in (July I think), by this time I got sick of waiting and decided I wanted an F30 instead, I told him I sort of got sick of waiting and ordered an F30. He actually was quite nice about it, said congrats, the BMW Is a nice car and I'll enjoy it - if anything he could help me with in future to let him know.

Good service, was sincere (didn't bag the competition which some reps love doing) and if I or someone close is in the market for an Audi, I'll definitely hit him up!

Dealer was Audi Melbourne - guy's name was William.