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Originally Posted by bananachipz View Post
Exactly. Keep in mind Sportline doesn't come with sport suspension by default in Canada. I'm trying to get clarity from them. Total Fustercluck!
I see. That sucks.
So the 'sport line' in Canada is mainly cosmetic except for the sport seats?

I'm also thinking that the sport line in Canada also doesn't get the sport line dampers.
Does the Msport get the US sport suspension as standard?

I just checked on the site and there is NO listing or choice for the "M performance" suspension for the F30.

There is a listing for an M performance suspension for the E90.
Here is the description:

At the heart of performance is handling. And how well a BMW handles is directly influenced by its suspension. The BMW Performance Suspension lets you savor every curve and every corner like never before! This sport suspension set-up is reflected visually by the BMW Performance Yellow springs. This new aggressive package lowers the vehicle by 25 mm compared to the standard suspension and by 10mm when compared to the sport suspension. Spring rates are increased 48% compared to standard suspension and 34% compared to the sports suspension.
Spring part numbers included in this package are for example only. Vehicle VIN number must be entered at checkout as the spring part number will vary depending on your vehicle options. Consult your BMW Center for more details.

Part Numbers
BMW Performance Suspension 33500444832
BMW Performance Suspension Spring / Front 31336788891
BMW Performance Suspension Spring / Rear 33536788898

Center pricing will be displayed once item is added to cart.

Package Includes:
BMW Performance Suspension
BMW Performance Suspension Spring
BMW Performance Suspension Spring

This kit includes the dampers and springs, but no sway bars.
The price is not bad either for OEM.

Interestingly, the 135i kit shows the same spring part numbers but different damper number.

Back to the F30 M performance kit.
In the US the sport and Msport use the same springs and dampers, and with the dynamic handling package the springs remain the same but the dampers are changed.

I was hoping that the F30 M performance suspension parts could be bought separately so that I could just get those springs to use with the M adjustable dampers. My 335i Msport suspension is very good, but the springs could be a bit firmer for my liking.
If the M performance springs do have a firmer spring rate they could be exactly what I'm looking for.
I'm not looking for a drop, just firmer springs.