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Originally Posted by shahramghs View Post
So I picked up an EB 335 F30, with Msport, Prm, Tech, Driver Assist, Driver Ass plus, HK, Dynamic handling, sport Auto and 19". I adore the car.

In this entire area, there were no Msport with EB and 19", and HK, so I had to give in and get some extra features. NO I did not want to wait!

I had 335 E90 LCI with N54 engine. Here are my biggest first impressions with my new baby: (please excuse any typo or grammar mistakes, I'm being lazy)

"Oh yeah"s:

-Msport: Awesome package. Still love E90 LCI's rear, but the front is a killer on F30 Msport.
-Dynamic Handling is freaking awesome. Car handles beautifully when needed and it is more comfortable than E90.
-Electric steering is AWESOME. I like how I don't have to wrestle with the steering wheel in low speeds. It is super precise too.
-Sound system -- HK. I think it has a better clarity and base than old one.
-Ride: Car is a bit higher than E90 with Sport package, some might not like that and call it "SUV looking". Well, i'm not in high school any more, so I use this car for daily commute, shopping, driving through freaking traffic, etc, I feel the compromise is worth it. I feel comfortable when I'm in chilling mood and enjoy the nice ride. And when you want to step on it, it does not lack any handling characteristics that you could be looking for.
-Wind noise is there, a bit more than E90. need to think if I have to see the dealer
-Top view camera is awesome. Helps with obstacles that are too low to see in parking.
-Seats, I'm a big dude, I feel very comfortable on the driver's seatr, and when I gave ride to a couple people in the back, they appreciated the space.
-Sport 8 speed, AWSOME, shifts fast and serves both the sporty character of the car and the smooth luxury side of it too.
-Engine's sound is awesome. You get more sporty tone out of f30 than e90.
-N55 is very responsive as you would imagine, but I still want N54 back don't hate folks, N54 was better for tunes


-Active steering: Didn't have it on the old one... I can live without it. I took the car to canyons and also on freeway, I don't see whole a lot of comfort coming from it
-Lane departure: Only if you are drunk or if you wanna text. But if you leave in Socal, other drivers horns go off before the car's warning
-Blind spot detection: If you adjust your mirrors and do what you are supposed to do, you don't need to get it
-Front collision warning: I don't know about this one. But a couple of times I ram into the car in-front of me and it went off almost last sec, this was when I set the per-warning to early!

-Breaks squealing, guess what ITS THERE!
-Iphone doc cannot be removed!
-Wind noise
-When I open sunroof, I smell burned oil, its going away slowly but i'm monitoring it...
you pretty much got a fully loaded 335i msport. How much was it for you?
F30 BMW 335i M-Sport: Estoril Blue II, 19" Rims, Sports Auto, Premium, Technology, Harmon Kardon, Heated Front Seats, Driver Assistance...