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F30 330D small improvements on e90

Very good test on the 330d in estate guise in today's Autocar. Best in class conclusion (but we knew that ).

Out of interest I dug out the test of the e90 lci 330d test they ran back in 2008. Although the performance and economy are not as big a jump as previous inter generation improvements there are some gains -

30-70 through the gears e 5.4 secs f 5.1 secs
50-70 in optimum gear e 3.0 secs f 2.7 secs
70-90 in optimum gear e 4.4 secs f 4.3 secs
80-100 in optimum gear e 5.1 secs f 5.1
0-100 e 15.0 secs f 14.2 secs

60-0 e 2.51 secs f 2.62 secs

Time round dry handling circuit e 17.9 secs f 17.7secs

Overall test economy e 39.6 f 42.6 mpg