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Originally Posted by Nick the Greek View Post
Very good test on the 330d in estate guise in today's Autocar. Best in class conclusion (but we knew that ).

Out of interest I dug out the test of the e90 lci 330d test they ran back in 2008. Although the performance and economy are not as big a jump as previous inter generation improvements there are some gains -

30-70 through the gears e 5.4 secs f 5.1 secs
50-70 in optimum gear e 3.0 secs f 2.7 secs
70-90 in optimum gear e 4.4 secs f 4.3 secs
80-100 in optimum gear e 5.1 secs f 5.1
0-100 e 15.0 secs f 14.2 secs

60-0 e 2.51 secs f 2.62 secs

Time round dry handling circuit e 17.9 secs f 17.7secs

Overall test economy e 39.6 f 42.6 mpg
Thanks for that, certainly looks a little bit quicker. What 0-60 did they get with it? Anyone got any 335d figures to compare?