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My issue stems from the fact that the car tested wasn't tested against an M Sport w/ the M Sport Suspension + Variable Steering. The two things that knocked the 335 in this comparion are the two options that were not added to the car. Test the car w/ these options, and tell me whether it "looses".

Do I agree that the steering is "lighter". I would say, yes, it is lighter. Lighter also means less rough (which is again, not neccesarily a bad thing). I do feel that when you want to go "Sport".... the M Sport goes into a rigid mode that feels about as stiff as I would ever want it.

At the end of the day... each to their own. If I wanted an M3 feel, I would have bought an M3. I want a slightly more sporty sport sendan that I can live with. For me - the M Sport 335i won.

As for a Head Turner - see me at a red light ... and take a peek to the left car and the right car... you'd be surprised how many heads are cocked. I know this statement will attract some snarky comments... but in all honestly, there are few cars on the road that I would consider more attractive.

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