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Originally Posted by elistan View Post
I've had no complaints in 2000 miles (3200 km.)
It's in auto mode, auto recirc, AC on. Up to five people in the car. No fogging, no big temerature swings. Temp is usually 72 F (22 C) but ranges between 68 (20) and 76 (24) depending on how hot/cold I feel. I usually set the agressiveness to minimum but sometimes up to the middle. Temp control knob between the front vents is usually a full cold. Outside temps have ranged from mid-30s (1 to 3 C) to low 90s (32 to 35 C.) Humidity has generally been low outside, though there was one day with thick fog. No issues then either.

Double-check your settings (particularly auto recirc, which you didn't mention) but perhaps it needs to be checked by BMW.
That's how is should work. Same as in my F11 5-series.

For those with issues, just a point on setting the airflow intensity. Make sure you do it in auto mode, for the auto function to take proper control. Setting intensity in manual mode is a different function. (All in the user manual).